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Whether you want to dispose an old cycle or just free up the space in your cabinet, you can easily do it through apps. These help to sell things quickly. But, if you have heavyweight items then you can sell them locally. You actually don’t have to think about the shipping costs or the mode of delivering it to recipients. So, here is a bunch of apps help to sell online locally.

Best Apps to Sell Items Locally

1) Carousell

Carousell App

Similar to a community marketplace, Carousell is aids to sell almost anything, right from automobiles to beauty care products. Simply, take snaps of the product from different angles and post them online. With the help of the in-app editing feature, you can also enhance the beauty of these photographs. Unlike other applications, payment is done through the secure gateway, PayPal. The amount and other terms are decided only when sellers and buyers meet offline. Besides, you can share the item on social media platforms.

2) LetGo

Letgo App

It’s very much easy to sell items through LetGo. Sell your couch, your TV, or even your gaming chair, right from the comfort of your home. Since it verifies the member’s account by connecting with Facebook, the app is a much safer platform. While you can post listings within seconds, you can also have an online chat with others. Regardless of the smartphone you’re using, the app can easily be downloaded from the web.

3) OfferUp

Offerup App

OfferUp is known to be the largest mobile marketplace for individuals to sell items locally. You can do away with any item through this app. It could either be furniture, jewelry, electronic products or cars. Through unique seller profiles, OfferUp ensures secure dealings. This is because it always helps to know whom the seller is dealing with. The messaging system provides a great option for communicating with potential buyers.

4) Wallapop


With a database of 13 million users, Wallapop aids to sell old items in local areas. You can either sell an age old apparel or books which you had read several years back. Clicking some photos, and posting them with a short description are the only steps you need to follow. When you’re online, your identity is kept safe because the address is not displayed publicly.

5) Vinted

Vinted App

With such a kind of app, you can either exchange or sell fashion accessories like trendy outfits or footwear. The app bears the same features as it’s with the other ones mentioned online. Apart from secure payment options like PayPal or bank transfers, a web browser can track dispatch any time they want to. But, when you tag the items with a piece, the app takes 19% commission fee.

6) VarageSale

Varagesale App

On VarageSale, the administrator reviews members to know whether they really exist and that they are within your reach. This helps buyers to search for items within five miles radius. While online chat helps buyers to discuss details and negotiate with the price, the VarageSale account can be linked with the Facebook account.

7) Trove

Trove App

Similar to websites to sell stuff locally, Trove simplifies the task of selling items at your convenience. You can also notify buyers about your availability and the days when they could pick up the item. The app has been recognized by the media and is ideal for selling used, secondhand and old items.

8) Close5

Close5 App

The Close5 comes loaded with many features that make selling items easier. The in-app camera helps to take snaps and post then online. After the price is fixed, transactions are not conducted online. Post receiving an offer, the seller and the buyer decides on the place and time to meet.

9) Tradyo

Tradyo App

While Tradyo allows posting ads from a mobile phone, items can be sold off in short time span. The built-in social chat feature helps to connect with prospective buyers. The entire process seems safe because the app displays the exact location.

10) Swaptions

Swaptions App

Swaptions actually brings n fun by selling and exchanging items in and around the local area. So, if you’re seeking to sell or swap items, then this app could be the best platform. Within 30 seconds, you can get the item uploaded along with the essential details. You also avail an option of chatting with buyers privately.

11) Shpock


Based on the concept, ‘SHop in your POCKet’, Shpock is like flea market which enables you to sell vintage items around your location. Security is assured with Shpock because the user is verified through the FaceBook account. This helps to determine whether you’re are scammer or a spammer.

To conclude, these apps are easier to use and offer a hassle free way of selling items locally. You no longer need to bother about selling items to people countrywide. These are far better than sites to sell stuff locally.


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