Mobile Network Not Available Pop Up

So, if you are facing “mobile network not available” issue on your mobile device. Then you are on the right place, we suggest you the best techniques which can help you to solve your “why is my mobile network not available” problem.

You might have noticed that mobile network error in various devices and your Android smart phone. No network available error can occur due to various reasons.

If you are frequently facing, the same issue many times, then you must not blame the signal. There are plenty of causes to this type of error message. The issue can occur due to many other reasons like the network, incorrect configuration, SIM card sensor and faulty SIM card.

We have suggested you the top solutions from which you can easily solve this ” why does my phone say mobile network not available” issue without any hassle.

Seven Ways to Fix “Mobile Network Not Available” Hassle

1. Remove your Phone Battery for a While

Mobile Network Not Available Pop Up
Mobile Network Not Available Pop Up

You can basically solve this issue just by discarding the mobile phone battery. Sometimes this happens because of the battery issue. For that,

  • Switch off your mobile phone for a while
  • Remove the battery
  • Insert the battery now after two minutes
  • Now, switch on your mobile again

That’s it done.

2. Setting your mobile network to “Automatic”

Preferred Mobile Network Mode Automatic
Preferred Mobile Network Mode Automatic

You can solve this issue by setting your mobile network to automatic.

  • Go to wireless and network setting
  • Click the mobile networks
  • Choose mobile operators
  • Select it to automatic

3. Restarting and Reinserting your SIM Card

Sim Card Removed Pop Up
Sim Card Removed Pop Up

Many times I get emails suggesting quick ways to solve “why does my phone say mobile network not available” and I suggest them it might be technical faults in the mobile network which can be fixed by many ways. Removing and re-inserting SIM card is one of the best fixes you can try. For it, follow below steps;

  • Waiting for a couple of minutes
  • Switching off your mobile phone
  • Reinserting your SIM card
  • Restarting your mobile phone
  • Now wait for sometime till it gets done

4. Power on your Data Roaming

iPhone Mobile Data on Screen
iPhone Mobile Data on Screen

Try turning on your data roaming  by

  • Go to setting
  • Choose the mobile networks
  • Click on “Turn on Data Roaming”
  • Wait till it works.

5. Testing the Radio Signal

You might get this error if your radio signal is not broadcasted correctly. To overcome this issue you need to follow these simple steps

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • You will get a testing menu
  • No choose phone information from the categories shown
  • After that you might see a “Run Ping Test” option. Click that and you will not see a drop down menu.
  • Now select GSM from the drop down (PRL) option.

Now you will get an option “Turn on radio”. Click on and reboot your mobile.

6. Check for Software Update

Software Update Screen
Software Update Screen

There might be a chance that you are getting this issue because of a software update on your mobile. Whenever your mobile gets any software update it shows a notification inn your mobile. If you are not getting any such updates, then you must check it manually if you have any update.

  • Go to setting
  • Scroll down and you will get an “About Phone” option. Click that.
  • Select Software Update
  • If there is any new update available, then try to install them and update it to your mobile phone’s software to the latest version.

Now reboot your mobile and check for the network.

7. Factory Reset

Factory Reset Screen
Factory Reset Screen

You can also try a factory reset as a last option when trying to fix the mobile network connection on your mobile phone. To do this,

  • Go to setting
  • Backup and Reset
  • Factory data reset

These are the quick ways to fix “Mobile Network not available” issue. Thanks for reading, hope this article guide you better, if so then share with your friends and other people so that they can also get help from it as well.


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