Augmented Reality is nothing but a technology that levels up your life with the help of an electronic device. The gadget could either be a smartphone, or a tablet working on iOS or Android. As far as best augmented reality apps are concerned, these track the current location and project objects on a screen specifically built for the technology.

So, if you are seeking applications that offer an excellent user experience, then you should surely scroll ahead and have a look at the list.

Best Augmented Reality Apps You Should Surely

Augmented Reality (AR) Apps for iPhones

Dance Reality

Have you heard about dance practice in augmented reality? If you are still thinking, then you should install Dance Reality which is very good augmented reality app. With the latest technology, you can look through the smartphone and follow the footprints. While the app is not an alternative to an instructor, it could just be a tool for teaching you Salsa, Bachata, or Kuduro. Apart from the instructional videos, you can always control the speed and take your sweet time in learning the steps. A voice over aids you stay on the beat even if you haven’t danced anytime before.

Air Measure

Packed with numerous features, Air Measure allows you to measure distance no matter where you are standing. In addition, a person can always measure his or her height, perceive virtual furniture in a room, and add levels when a portrait has to be hung on the wall. Best of all, a plethora of mode makes this app favorite among interior designers and well to do households. Although the app is developed for entertainment purposes, it always helps to come up with solutions for real life problems.


With the AR powered 3D technology, GIPHY World helps iPhone users to roll out creatives. Once you have added animated images here and there, you can simply record your creation and share it on different social circles. Besides, you can also post the video online. The GIPHY Cam enables you to record moments as a series of GIFs and add some filters before you share it on social media. A Javascript embed can always transform the website and lure visitors to go through the website for some more time.

World Brush


Among the painting apps, World Brush delights users with the fact that they can actually create paintings and let others explore the world. The app is based on the idea coming from a desire of merging the digital and physical world. As the user is busy, he is sure to be overwhelmed with plenty of options. He or she can unlock brushes, and change the color shade with simple sliders.

AR Runner

If you are seeking for the game you would always like to play, then AR Runner should be your choice. Depending on the environment and your skills, you can select different field sizes and shapes. You can break a record by passing checkpoints even when you get a little busier in competing against other players.

Augmented Reality Apps for Android

Google Sky Map

Known as a hand-held planetarium, Google Sky Map is usually used to recognize stars, planets and more. Once you set the smartphone’s camera facing the sky, you can find out the relative positions of celestial objects. For accurate results, you simply need to calibrate the app effectively. If the map is jittery, then you can always adjust the sensor speed under the ‘Settings’ section.

Google Translate

You would actually thank Google developers because Google Translate removes every kind of language barriers. While the app supports more than 100 languages, you can always point the camera to sign and read the words in the language you understand. Under the offline mode when the smartphone is not connected to the internet, the app is capable to translate as much as 59 languages.

Field Trip

Yet another informative app available on the Play Store is Field Trip. While the application continues to run in the background once you have switched to the homescreen, you can fetch the details of the location along with nearby places. Besides, you can listen to audio content directly by plugging in the earphones.

Quiver – 3D Coloring App

If you need to create stunning animations, then you can always try the 3D coloring app, Quiver. Though the app is developed for kids, you can always play games and capture moments and add effects. Once you go to the official website, you can access the colorful images right from the cell phone. In the end, children would be addicted with the app due to the experience it strives to offer hours on end.

Augment – 3D Augmented Reality

Augment is nothing but a mobile app which is preferably used by the sales and marketing teams of organizations. With the power of augmented reality, you can actually imagine and share the product as it appears in the real-time environment. Not just that, the smartphone user can always add trackers and models from the official website.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article about best augmented reality apps. If you are happy, you can always insist your friends to download the apps either on their iPhones or Android mobile phones.


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