With the increase in the number of mobile phone apps, it sometimes becomes tough to choose the best among the lot. But, when you’re concerned about movie streaming app, then you could rely on Showbox app. This is nothing but an application that offers easy access to blockbusters at no cost. Although it’s not available in Google Play Store, it is supposed to be the best application for an Android device.

showbox app

Exciting Features of Showbox App

Free Access

Showbox is much more capable to offer an opportunity to enjoy television shows and movies.  Best of all, you actually don’t need to avail a subscription for using the app. Apart from services, you can access functionalities without paying a penny. Moreover, you needn’t worry about any other hidden charges.

HD Video Downloads

Another amazing feature is that the app enhances the movie watching experience. This is because you can download content easily in HD format. While the quality of the movie is to its level best, you can watch the video on your smartphone anytime and anywhere.

Totally Legal

Once you have installed the app, you don’t have to worry much. You can always drive away the fear because Showbox is completely legal. Moreover, virus attacks won’t come in your way because the app gets downloaded from a trusted source.

One-Time Installation

Once you have downloaded the installable file in APK format, you don’t have to move on with any other step. Believe it or not, everything is centered to a one-time install. Later, once you’re done you can access unlimited digital / media content on the go.

No Registration Required

This Android app doesn’t come with any limitations. In order to gain access to episodes and movie libraries, you needn’t have to go through creating an account. Since registration is not required, you can very well say that you can access the content without any restrictions.

Entertainment Redefined

If you own a smart television powered by Android, then you can install Showbox without any hassles. This facilitates you and your family to watch movies on a larger screen. On the other hand, the app works great on multiple platform. You can easily download it on iPod Touch, Chromecast, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Mac OS X and Windows 7 as well as its enhanced versions.

One of the Kind Interface

When you launch the app, the user friendly interface is something you can admire. Everything is smooth and you would not be encountering or facing issues on the go. Much to your surprise, searching movies or shows is always a breeze. The search results get filtered depending on your preferences. You can imagine the experience similar to an E-Commerce platform which allows you to set the search criteria.

Enjoyment Anytime

In case you wish to watch the movie sometime later, then you can always add the video under ‘Favorites’. This is one of the best feature because you can watch the media content at your convenience. The video would still be present when you need to keep yourself engaged during those boring hours.

Easy File Management

Management of files becomes easier because TV shows and movies can be downloaded in a separate folder. This feature is included so that you can keep a track of everything that’s fetched from the app.

Enjoyment Without Internet

Quite interestingly, you can always watch blockbusters even if it’s a remote location. You don’t have to bother yourself about network connectivity. Everything can be played without an internet connection.

Instant Updates

Once the episode goes live, you would be notified through Showbox. This helps you to watch the show and keep pace with every bit of entertainment. Quite obvious, just like long duration movies, you don’t have to spare a dime for new episodes.

Hope you enjoy the experience with Showbox. Do share your experience and let us know your take on Showbox.


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