Today, I will let you know how to create a group message on iPhone to double your fun of group texting.

Regardless of whether it’s a gathering of companions talking about a TV series or a group of associates from work, the capacity for various individuals to collaborate in a solitary message string that you can view and include to your iPhone is exceptionally helpful.

In case, you have a group message going as of now and you essentially need to add a contact to a gathering on an iPhone, or you are making another group message and need to include individuals, the procedure is the same.

Our instructional guide beneath will tell you the best way on how to compose text message group on iPhone.

Before we start discussing steps, let me first explain different types of messages you can enjoy on iPhone.

How to Create a Group Message on iPhone

Types of iPhone Group Messages

Well, there are 3 types of group messages of iPhone –

1) Group iMessage

These messages are sent by Apple instead of your carrier.

iMessage’s text appear in blue text bubbles and is protected by end-to-end encryption.

Sending of photos, videos and even audio message is possible with iMessage.

The ‘Seen’ option is also available that appears once the receiver has read your message and sharing location is also possible.

The best part about iMessage is its effects. These effects are extremely creative and can make the conversation a lot interesting.

In case, if you’re facing iMessage Waiting for Activation Error, then here’s the guide you need.

2) Group MMS

These MMS appear in green colour bubble and is delivered with the help of your carrier.

Sharing photos, videos is possible with this platform.

Even Mute notification feature is present in Group MMS.

3) Group SMS

Message sent with SMS also appear in green bubble text and is delivered with the help of your carrier.

Although sharing photos, videos or any multimedia is not possible with SMS, but it does show when your message has been delivered to the receiver.

How to Create a Group Message on iPhone?

1) Go to the Messages app on iPhone.

2) Next click on new message option on the top right corner of the phone.

3) Now you can enter recipients names or tap on the blue plus button to see you contact list.

4) Next tap on the contacts you want to add or type their name in the search box at the top of the screen.

5) Now enter your message and click on Send button

 Note: To send Group MMS on iPhone, you must make sure that MMS messaging option from the settings in turned on. Go to Settings >Messages and enable MMS Messaging. 

Steps to Name your Group Conversation

If you have numerous group iMessages on your phone, then managing them can be a task.

Instead name your group, as it becomes easy to find the messages and make the experience a lot more convenient as well.

Follow below steps –

1) Go to the Messages app on iPhone.

2) Now tap on any group conversation and click on the top of the conversation.

3) Next click on the i button

4) Next enter the name of the group

5) Now click on Done

Note: Only naming group iMessages is possible.

How to Add or Remove Someone from a Group Conversation on iPhone?

Everyone in the group iMessage can add or remove someone from the conversation.

But this is only possible if the group has 3 or more person.

Although adding or removing people from group MMS messages or group SMS messages is not possible.

Steps to Add a Person

1) Go to the Messages app on iPhone

2) Next click on the group conversation in which you wish to add a person

3) Now click on the top of the conversation

4) Next click on the i button

5) Tap on Add Contact option

6) Here enter the contact information of the person you wish to add

7) Click on Done

And you’re done!

Steps to Remove a Person

1) Go to the Messages app on iPhone

2) Next click on the group conversation in which you wish to remove a person

3) Now click on the top of the conversation

4) Next click on the i button

5) Then swipe left over the name of the contact you wish to remove from the conversation

6) Tap on Remove option

7) Click on Done

Bingo! You have successfully removed one contact from the messaging group on iPhone.

In brief,

Group messaging as discussed above is a great way to connect with multiple individuals at once.

It not only saves the time of messaging each person individually but also lets you engage in a good conversation with numerous people.

So, having a group conversation on iPhone is easy.

Follow the above ultimate guide to easily master the art of group texting on iPhone.


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