When you need to enjoy movies and keep yourself entertained, then you should go for Showbox. Through different tools, it’s very much easy to download and install showbox on iPhone. Here are the ways you can try practically.

how to install showbox on iphone 1

Using Vshare

Installing Showbox with the help of Vshare is one of the most effective methods.

Step 1: Download and install Vshare. You can fetch the installable files from the official website. Remember to download the installable files on Windows OS.

Step 2: Post installation, run Vshare and connect the iPhone once you’re prompted to do so.

VshareStep 3: Once the device is recognized, tap ‘Trust’ from the iPhone. You would then be directed to the screen shown below.

Step 4: Go to the ‘APP’ option and download Showbox.

Vshare 1

Step 5: Afterwards, click on the ‘Download’ tab followed by the ‘Install’ option just next to the icon.

Step 6: Once you see the icon on the home screen, go to ‘Settings >> General >> Profile & Device Management’.

Step 7: Tap on the developer’s name and select ‘Trust’.

Vshare SettingsUsing Zestia Installer

Step 1: Gather the installable files from the URL, http://xcydia.lmdinteractive.com/ you should open from iPhone Safari.

Step 2: Click ‘Install’ twice and click on ‘Done’

zestiaStep 3: Switch to the home screen and launch ‘Zestia’.

Step 4: Under the category ‘All Applications’ select ‘Movie Box’ and proceed with its installation.

Step 5: Finally, authenticate the author through ‘Trust’ found in ‘Settings >> General >> Device Management’.

How to Install Showbox on iPhone without Jailbreak?

When you don’t want to jailbreak your iPhone, you can install Showbox through Othman. Before you start off, you should clear the browser’s history and any other information. In order to achieve this, you should directly go to ‘Settings and click on the ‘Clear History and website data’ option. Later, you need to follow the steps that are collated below.

safariStep 1: Launch ‘Safari’ and click the green button from the URL https://ipa.othman.cc/ipa/mbox.php’. You then need to install the files, with the option that reads,’ Install App v3.3.7’.

Movie Box 3Step 2: Once you start the installation, check the progress by viewing Moviebox/Showbox on the communication device.

Step 3: Afterwards, rather than launching the app for the first time, you must go to ‘Settings >> General >> Device Management’and follow the usual step of trusting the developer.

Step 4: That’s all, you can now enjoy blockbusters and other digital content through Showbox app on iPhone.

When you’re using Showbox time and again, you may face problems. But then a better solution should be to try other movie streaming apps.


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